How to avoid damage to your turbo

Turbo Care is passionate about maintaining a reputation of superb service delivery to our clients through Turbocharger repairs, services and supplying Turbocharger parts across the industry. We also supply Diesel turbo and Engine boosting Earthmoving turbo repairs. 

Turbo’s are intricate pieces of machinery with the intention to enhance the vehicle’s performance across long and short distances. Automotive efficiency can be implemented through understanding the do’s and don’ts of managing your engine. 

There are specific actions to take to prevent damaging your turbo. To begin with, start by warming up and cooling down your engine. Failing to do this will in fact damage the entire mechanical components of your vehicle, especially in colder conditions. 

Choosing the correct type of fuel and oil is an imperative aspect in ensuring that your turbo is maintained properly. Performance engines that are fitted need to be inspected through separate cooling systems to assist in heat soak. 

Selecting the incorrect gear when driving could damage the turbo engine as this is especially true when driving across long distances and even driving through inclined terrains. Upgrading the software of the vehicle is just as important as maintaining the hardware components. Modifications could alter the driving capacity since the engine cylinders will be exposed to significantly higher pressures. 

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