The effects of oil contamination on a turbo

Turbo Care offers definitive services to ensure that our client’s vehicles and engines are as durable and efficient as possible. We are specialists in the turbo supplying industry. 

Oil contaminants have particular components that are actively involved in the turbo driving process. Damage to the engine as a whole can be sustained through the bearing systems and the cylinders of the engine. 

Clean filtered engine oil is imperative in maintaining the turbo throughout the driving capacity. By understanding how the oil can be contaminated, vehicle owners can identify how to prevent faulty turbo chargers. 

Factors such as the oil filter being damaged or if inferior quality material is used in the installation of the turbo as well as an accumulation of moisture can lead to oil contamination. The contamination of new oil can significantly impair the driving ability of the vehicle. 

If the oil is left unchanged in the turbo, the detergent deposits will eventually become abrasive to the additional components of the vehicle. Changes in the temperature can induce service intervals of the vehicle, as this will trigger an imbalance of the temperature of the engine. 

The signs of a turbo with oil contamination include scoring to thrust components, journal bearings of the diameter and wheel as well as a particular smell of fuel in the oil. 

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