Turbo Installation

Turbo Care are involved in turbo installation in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

When fitting a turbo, the following should be checked carefully:

  • Air intake
  • Oil supply
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Oil-supply and drain pipe for leaks, foreign bodies and restrictions and replace or clean as necessary
  • You ensure that the oil is that recommended by the engine manufacturer
  • You ensure lock-plates to be fastened after realignment
  • Remember that the unit contains little or no oil and must be pre-oiled by pouring clean oil into the turbo centre housing oil inlet for initial lubrication
  • Install turbo on engine replacing all gaskets. Ensure no gaskets sealants or compounds are used – a small amount of silicon inside a bearing-housing will lead to turbo seizure
  • Leave oil pipes disconnected and crank engine until oil flows from the feed pipe with the fuel shut-off in the “off” position and the solenoid disconnected (on engines equipped with electric shut-off)
  • Connect oil feed pipe
  • Crank engine until oil flows from oil outlet
  • Connect drain pipe and crank engine for 5 seconds
  • Start engine and idle for 3 – 5 minutes before accelerating
  • Before engine is switched off it is important that it is allowed to idle for 3 – 5 minutes


Effect of rebuilding an engine

Rebuilding an engine could have an effect on the turbo as follows:

  • Loose carbon, if not flushed out before fitting the turbo, will lead to turbo failure
  • Grinding-paste, if not flushed out properly before fitting the turbo, will lead to turbo failure

Always ensure your engine is rebuilt by professionals!

Should you require more information on Turbo Cares turbo installation, contact us.

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